In the background screening industry, there are many companies offering an “absolutely free background check.” PeopleCheck warns that many of these companies do not offer true criminal record searches. Most states charge fee’s for accessing any criminal records and do not have online databases with instant searches available to the public. PeopleCheck offers every statewide and county criminal background search available. With the resources offered by PeopleCheck your background check will remain 100% accurate and legal.

The Myth of the Free Background Check

Free background checks do not cover any criminal records. Many online companies use the free background check term to lure potential customers into ordering expensive instant database searches that sometimes do not cover any of the information that is relevant to the subject being searched. The only information that is given by these companies are names and addresses associated with the subject’s social security number. This information is public record and freely available to anyone. A fully compliant background check will include a public record search along with an in-depth physical record search at the county level. An acceptable alternative to the county-level search is the statewide criminal record search, which can replace multiple county searches while maintaining and high level of reliability.

Any Free Background Check Company would also need to require from you, as the consumer of the background check, to remain compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FCRA states that any consumer reporting agency must obtain the signed consent of an individual to release any information. PeopleCheck has a 100% legal background check screening process that will allow you to be confident in your search and the results and will provide to you all of the required legal documents.