Education Verification

When companies search for an applicant to fill an open position, there are often educational requirements or preferences. Educational requirements may be mandated by minimum job qualifications or used as a basis on which to develop salary packages. But how can you guarantee that an applicant really earned a master’s degree in biology from Yale and not an associate’s in basket weaving from the local community college? It’s important to check, because education is the most falsified piece of information on a resume.

Education: A Vital Employment Screening Background Check

Companies perform employment screening background checks in a variety of areas, but often leave out education verification. Failing to verify important information, such as education, can result in having unqualified people in positions they don’t deserve which in turn affects your company’s ability to compete. 

Approximately half a million people in the United States falsely claim to have college degrees.

Education verification can confirm what schools or institutions an applicant attended, if he or she graduated, the degrees that were earned, and the dates of attendance and/or graduation.


Our Education Employment Screening Background Checks

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