Sex Offender Registry Search

Every employer wants employees they can trust - trust them to not only to do their jobs well, but to not pose any threat to their customers. In a variety of situations, like any company whose employees work with children or have access to people’s homes, employers need to be especially careful about avoiding the employment of a sex offender. In these types of situations, we often recommend sex offender registry searches on applicants. 

From 1998 to 2001, sex offender registries increased 47% in the United States.

How is a sex offender record search performed?

When PeopleCheck conducts a sex offender registry search, we run a federal search of the national sex offender registry, or we can perform a state by state search. We can tell you if your applicant is listed on one of the state or federal registries. 

However, these search results should be treated with caution since each state varies in what information is assembled and released, and there can be large gaps in these databases, since studies show that many sex offenders fail to register. 

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