License & Credential

Education is the number one most falsified piece of information on a resume, and license and credentials information comes in a close second. However, in certain situations such as healthcare, the absence of the proper licenses or credentials can be especially damaging. Therefore, it is vital to run a license and credentials verification with PeopleCheck to help protect you against fraud.

What will license and credential verification tell me?

A license and credentials verification will check state records and report the type of license a person has, if it is currently valid, the dates issued, and by what state licensing authority. We will also be able to tell you if that individual has any disciplinary issues brought against them or other public issues. We can also inform you if the applicant has any associated licenses as well.

Last year, 4.2% of applicants provided inconsistent info about professional license certification.

Additionally, we check the persons name against the Inspector General’s list of individuals who have had licenses or credential revoked, or had other actions taken against them.

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