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Criminal background check – its vital role

For many employers, a criminal background check is a vital part to the pre-employment screening process – and for good reason. A criminal employee background check helps identify individuals that might conduct employee theft or fraud, or pose a threat to your company’s workplace safety.

What’s listed in an employee background check

There are various ways to conduct an online background check. At PeopleCheck, we recommend at least conducting a state or county level search in addition to a federal search.

Over 13 Million people were arrested in the U.S. in 2002.

A state level search is the standard search that provides felony conviction information, state department of corrections records, and misdemeanor information. However, some counties don’t report all information up to the state level, so an applicant’s record might come back clean, when they do in fact have a record in that state. With a county level criminal background check you can be confident you’ll find everything.

A comprehensive online background check

When PeopleCheck conducts a county level criminal background check, we automatically run an address history first to ensure we check every county the applicant has resided. PeopleCheck can go as far back in the applicant’s history as your needs dictate, we recommend at least 7 to 11 years. Afterwards, the search is conducted through direct access to court records or hands-on research. 

PeopleCheck offers one of the most comprehensive employment background check services possible. We have the capability to search every county in the U.S. Other companies in the background investigation arena are offering instant statewide searches that, in many cases, search out of date databases that can actually have missing or incorrect information in the records. With PeopleCheck’s thorough investigation process, your company is actually getting real protection from their pre-employment screening process. 

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