Driving Record

A wide variety of positions require driving related duties. For some, time behind the wheel may consist of most of their work day, while others require only minimal time. Regardless of the amount of time spent driving, the importance of a safe driving record is huge. That’s why a driving record check is an important part of the pre-employment screening process. 

Between the ages of 16 and 64, alcohol figures into over 20% of all fatal accidents. 

Driving record search results

When you conduct a driving record check you have the option of searching a five or seven year DMV driving record. This Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) will provide verification of driving privilege, any other names used, identification verification, and a physical description. Additionally, the MVR will show any violations such as speeding tickets or other minor traffic violations, accidents, revoked license, or driving while intoxicated.

Why conduct an online driving record search?

A Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) provides insight into an applicant’s level of responsibility. It can help determine whether an applicant keeps commitments to appear in court or pay fines, or if he or she has a drug or alcohol problem. It is important to run an online driving record search if the person will be driving company vehicles, especially if driving others in a bus, shuttle, or other vehicle.

Get a comprehensive DMV driving record

In order to provide a comprehensive DMV driving record, PeopleCheck performs a driving record search for each state the applicant obtained a license. For more information on online driving record searches, or other services we offer, please contact us today.