Employment Verification

Often, past employment experience is the most important factor employers consider when hiring a new employee. That’s why it is vital to verify an applicant has the experience they say they do. PeopleCheck can help you with all the employment verification and reference checks you need.

What does employment verification tell you?

Employment verification will check an applicant’s place and date of employment, job title, reason for leaving, and in some instances salary. This information helps you verify an applicant’s past job history, eliminating any unexplained gaps in employment, which also ensures that appropriate jurisdictions have been checked for criminal records.

Employment eligibility verification - getting more information

Employment eligibility verification can assure you the facts of employment are correct, but it will not reveal how well the applicant performed in that position. Employment references allow an employer to demonstrate due diligence in their hiring practices by investigating performance. 

26.4% of past employment verification had inconsistencies.  

For employment references, PeopleCheck will try to get the whole picture on job performance, salary, and duties. This is a more in-depth reference check that seeks job duties, performance, salary, strengths and weaknesses, eligibility for rehire, and other detailed information. You can check out some of our common questions, or create your own.

Conducting an employment reference check allows an employer to have a realistic assessment of a candidate from former employers. It promotes a better fit, confirms the hiring opinion, and protects the expensive hiring investment. 

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