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PeopleCheck is your one-stop source for pre-employment background screenings.

Our comprehensive list of services helps you recruit, train and employ the best applicants for your company. All our services are customizable to your specific needs and priced on a volume-based tiered system. Our services provide an ongoing FCRA-compliant background screening progrsm to protect your workplace and your employees.

Comprehensive employment background check services

Background/General Checks

Background Checks for Employers

Our employee screening background checks range from simple to complex, depending on the needs of your organization / industry. We are experts at helping you filter out employees who may not be a good fit, saving you time and cutting costs.

Civil Court Searches

Search records of filings in civil court to discover if an applicant has sued former employers or has been sued for reasons that are relevant to employment.

Federal Criminal Background Check

Search for an applicant’s federal criminal record to protect against workplace violence, employee theft/fraud, and negligent hiring claims.

State & County Criminal Background Check

We offer statewide searches nationwide; however, some states and/or areas within specific states do not report to the state database for criminal records, and in those cases, a county-wide search must be performed.


Driving Record

State-regulated motor vehicle reports are one of our most requested searches. These reports disclose any traffic violations including points against an applicant’s driver’s license. CDL searches are available upon request.

Social Media Checks

By reviewing an applicant’s social media profiles, employers may assess factors that could impact their suitability for the role. 

Social Security Number Validation & Verification

Verify identity and related information to protect from fraudulent SSN use; can also be used to determine which areas should be searched for criminal history.

Social Security Trace

Verify Social Security Numbers, date and area issued, as well as a list of names and addresses associated with the SSN. 

Tenant Screening

Tenant screenings are completely 100% customizable depending on our client’s requests.  The most requested searches for tenant screenings include a state/county criminal search, social security trace, credit report and sex offender search.


Education Verification

Confirm degrees received and/or dates of attendance.

Employment Verification & References

Verify dates of employment, job title, and possible rehire eligibility. Job performance is not a part of employment verifications due to possible legal ramifications.

License & Credential Verification

Verify license or credential information through the state licensing authority.

Professional Resume Check

We offer customized resume checks to meet the request(s) of each individual client.

Personal References

We verify each personal reference by calling the contact that is listed. Upon reaching the contact, we ask a list of client-approved questions to determine the applicant’s eligibility for hire.  Questions asked can be customized for each client upon request. 

Criminal History

Terrorist Local/Global Watch List

Be aware of possible terrorist activity or involvement by searching local and global watch lists. Watch lists include reports from the FBI, OFAC, DTC, United States Bureau of Industrial Security,  United Nations Consolidations Sanctions List, and more.

Drug Screening

We provide 5, 10, and 13-panel drug tests.  Or we will customize a test for your company.  Clients can request on-site or in-house testing in our office.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Search the statewide/nationwide sex offender registry to determine if an applicant has committed a sex crime.  This search is imperative to applicants applying for a job in home care, healthcare, or child care and tenant screenings.