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A complete business background check program

Competition is fierce in the business world. In order to compete, a highly qualified staff is your most valuable asset. Allow PeopleCheck to save your HR professionals time and money by verifying an applicants complete resume and performing a comprehensive background investigation in one easy step. Our background check program is an indispensable tool for finding and qualifying applicants. 

Based on a survey of 2.6 million job applicants, 44% lied about their work experience.

Our comprehensive resume check program can include:

Let us build a program that meets your organizations' needs

PeopleCheck can also tailor our resume check to your specific company’s needs, such as verifying licenses and credentials and testing applicant knowledge of the skills that are essential to your company

A value added background check component

In addition to offering our packaged resume background check program, we also offer online skill testing for hundreds of different employment areas. Just because an applicant has a degree or other credentials that pertain to a position, it doesn’t mean they are capable of doing a proper job for your company. Our online skills testing provides documented support of their knowledge base and skills. 

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