Background Checks

Why Get Your Employee Background Checks with PeopleCheck?

Customer service.

We pride ourselves on always being reachable over the phone or through email.

Transparency of communication.

We will give you information on the status of your report and educate you on what you’re getting.

Customizable plans.

You can customize your company’s screening process from simple to complex.

What is an Employee Background Check?

Background checks are a crucial aspect of the hiring process that helps employers identify potential hires who are not a good fit for their company. Also known as employment screenings, these reports can range from simple to complex. We can locate information such as criminal history,  motor vehicle history,  credit history, and more depending on what each client needs. We can verify information provided on resumes such as references and educational or occupational history.

No matter your industry, background checks can help filter out candidates who may not be the best match for your unique company’s vision.

Benefits of Employee Background Checks

Employees have a direct impact on the growth and success of a business. Background checks play a large part in ensuring that a company is set up for this success. The Society of Human Resources Management estimates the total cost to replace one worker earning $8/hour is $3,500. For some companies, this price increases exponentially after calculating the cost for equipment, training materials, and most of all, TIME.

At PeopleCheck, we want to help you cut costs and save time. Trust us to give you greater confidence when it comes time to select a new candidate for your company.