Social Security Verification

One of the most common mistakes companies make when hiring new personnel is not verifying the person’s identity. Verifying identity is critical to ensure an employer does not become the victim of an applicant guilty of identity theft. Social security number verification and SSN validation are the ideal way to ensure an applicant is really who they say they are. Let PeopleCheck do the work for you.

In the past 5 years, the number of defendants prosecuted for an immigration offense rose 42.3% 

Social Security Number verification and SSN validation should always be the first step in pre-employment screening, because the accuracy of additional screening reports can be compromised if you aren’t confident of the person’s identity.

SSN validation

SSN validation first verifies that the number exists in the system. Next, the report provides the state in which the SSN was issued, the year it was issued, and if it is a currently active number, or if a death claim has been filed in relation to the number. This is a vital check for any applicant, and should be considered as the first line of defense against fraud and against Social Security Number identity theft applicants.

SSN verification

SSN verification is slightly different than SSN validation. SSN verification checks the name, date of birth, and gender associated with the SSN number, which will indicate any incorrect information being used by the applicant. However, in accordance with the Social Security Administration regulations an individual must currently be working for your company in order to verify their SSN. PeopleCheck can verify all current employee’s as a third party verifier with the SSA.

Online social security number verification

With PeopleCheck’s online social security number verification services you can easily and affordably protect your business from the most basic fraud attempts.

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