Temporary or seasonal employees present a difficult challenge when determining whether or not to perform acriminal background check. Since these employee will not be members of your workforce for more than a few months many employers feel it is not necessary spend time and money on a pre employment screening process. 
When the company fails to perform a criminal background check, it can lead to several dangers for your company. Consider that many times these temporary employees are working during the busiest times your business has all year. This busy schedule can lead to a less supervised environment, where employees can have more opportunities to commit unlawful activities. Temporary employees sometimes lack the loyalty that a full-time regular employee might otherwise possess because of the nature of their assignment.

Cost-Effective Criminal Background Checks

PeopleCheck offers several solutions to these problems. Employers might be more willing to screen temps if they could get a cheap background check that remains reliable. While PeopleCheck stresses that a full statewide or county-level search is the most comprehensive criminal background check that can be performed, there are alternatives to those searches that provide you with a less comprehensive but cheaper background check. One of the solutions for these issues is the instant database search that PeopleCheck offers. This database search covers around 85% of criminal records in the U.S. and will provide your company with a criminal background check that is more cost effective for temporary employee while still providing you with some protection.