National Background Checks

A national background check centers on finding an individual’s history by searching a singular, national database. Today, most states only report a citizens’ history to statewide bureaus. It’s rare to find states that report to both statewide and nationwide registries. So, by doing a nationwide background check, it’s likely that only a few results will be returned, if any.

An Incomplete Picture

National background checks can be deceiving because employers think they are getting a bigger picture of an employee’s history. In reality, a national check only skims the surface of what an employer needs to know. This service will leave employers with an incomplete picture of an employee’s full background history. They are not as valuable as obtaining a statewide background check for multiple states.

More Accurate Checks

At PeopleCheck, we strive not only to provide quality services but also educate our clients on what they will get with their inquiries. We have the ability to process a national background check, but do not encourage it. The strongest and most complete results are obtained through individual state-wide inquiries. Not sure where to start? Contact us today and we will work with you to assess what kind of background check your company will benefit from.