Solutions by Industry

Different Industries. Different Needs. Customized Solutions.

Background checks look different for each business that PeopleCheck works with. Additionally, certain industries, like healthcare and education, require certain details that other industries don’t need. Our team has the expertise to deliver results that are industry-specific for companies all over the nation.

All industries can benefit from doing background checks through PeopleCheck. A few that we serve include:

  • Service industry
  • Staffing companies
  • Home healthcare/home care services
  • Retail and Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Manufacturers
  • Rental and Leasing Services
  • Non-profit Ministries

Each company is different, so we customize and scale each background check to your needs. We can save time and cut costs by offering the exact screening features that the company needs. Ready to start implementing background checks in your company? Contact us or call 866-775-0840.