A complete and comprehensive criminal background check consists of checking an applicant’s criminal history, not only in the state in which they currently reside, but also in all other states of residence. Failure to check an applicant’s full criminal background can leave your company susceptible to the dangers of an incomplete background check. Barnes County, North Dakota learned the dangers of not performing a full criminal background check when they hired an employee wanted for murder and failed to run a criminal record in his previous state of residence. A proper employment screening process would have prevented this mistake. 

Unfortunately there are a lot of myths about the background check industry and much of this misinformation comes from companies offering free background checks. These companies do not have access to all of the nationwide criminal records, and generally will only provide a general statement about the possibility of a criminal record, which they will then try to charge a premium to release the information.

Your Criminal Background Check Source

PeopleCheck not only provides your company with a complete criminal background check, we also provide complete employment screening services. Degree Verifications, Credit Reports, Drug Screening, and SSN Verifications are all vital components to a successful employee screening process. The most basic and important of the services, however, remains the criminal background check. PeopleCheck will conduct a search of all addresses associated with the subject, and upon your approval will provide you the complete criminal background check for each state or county.

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