Many websites offer instant database searches. These searches can be a fast and affordable way to run a criminal background check. In general, however, public criminal record database systems cannot be trusted to return the most accurate information available. These databases solely rely on the fact that criminal data was entered into the system correctly. In reality, not all jurisdictions submit all data to the databases, and instant record searches can have large gaps in the information they provide. 

Usually repeat or habitual offenders find their way into these public databases, however many jurisdictions may not report all information to the public database systems. Also, the information in databases usually lags a couple of months and therefore if the subject was arrested in the last 60 days you will not find that information through a database search.

Employment Screening with PeopleCheck

PeopleCheck offers a variety of these instant criminal background checks as auxiliary tools. We also suggest a thorough criminal background check is performed, using hands-on research on the state and county level in order to return the most accurate results available.

PeopleCheck can tailor packages to fit all of your hiring needs. Low level employees might only require an instant background search, while a high level executive will need a more detailed county level search. With PeopleCheck, your company will not be restricted to a single type of criminal background search.