A local mid-level manager recently relayed a story to a group of friends about an unfortunate experience. This particular manager works for a large box retailer and is responsible for overseeing a significant number of lower-level positions. Many of these are hourly positions, so keeping quality people is difficult to do. Because of cost reductions, online background checks on new hires were not conducted nearly as often as in years past. Because of this decision, this mid-level manager started noticing more and more incidents of theft and disputes within the ranks of employees. Undoubtedly, this was partly because they were not screening their new employees as well as they should. 

For businesses in all industries, online background checks should be a vital piece of the hiring process. Hiring the best people, helping them to grow personally and professionally and then keeping them with your organization are vital parts to growing a great organization. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help with your online background check needs, please contact us.