Resume Verification

Competition in the marketplace is fierce in today�s economy making resume verification for potential new hires even more important. Right now you can not afford to hire someone who is not the perfect fit for you organization. How do you know who is the right choice without having a complete and thorough investigation of their background performed? Statistics show that 3 to 4 of every 10 resumes you receive will have false or exaggerated information on it. Protect yourself on the front end by verifying the resume of your final candidates! 

People Check, Inc. is a national screening service firm that works with organizations to protect their greatest assets. Our comprehensive resume check program can include: 


  • Address history 
  • Social Security Number validation 
  • Federal criminal background check 
  • Federal Criminal background Check 
  • Sex offender watch
  • Terrorist watch search
  • One state or county criminal history
  • Up to 3 personal/professional references 
  • Up to 2 employment verifications (or 7 years of employment if applicable)
  • Up to 3 education verifications

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