Many healthcare organizations are adopting new criminal background check procedures to help protect people who receive in-home care. 

In a recent committee meeting, In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Advisory Committee members unanimously agreed that the Board of Supervisors should draft an ordinance that would require all IHSS providers submit to a criminal background check, receive basic training and undergo randomized drug testing. IHSS members felt this was a key step in making the in-home care service group “a quality program.” IHSS Chairman introduced the issue of requiring that all providers submit to a criminal background check and randomized drug testing. The results of those tests would be given to IHSS service recipients, allowing them to decide whether to hire or fire the provider. 

Many IHSS members “didn’t feel comfortable asking to get a criminal background check,” a common problem for people hiring in-home healthcare. This ordinance and many like it, would alleviate recipients from having to request a criminal background check, but recipients should always use discretion when hiring a healthcare provider. 

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