personal background check generally refers to a background check that a private individual can order on another individual. While PeopleCheck specializes in employment screening for the business community, we also offer a wide vary of services to the private sector. 

The two main types of personal background checks that are performed are those done with an individuals permission and those done without. The latter of the two are limited strictly to publicly available information, such as Felony RecordsSex Offender Searches, and Social Security Verifications. However, when an individuals permission is received, basically all of the services offered by PeopleCheck can be performed for a personal background check.

Discrete Employment Screening and Personal Background Check Services

Standard employment screening takes on new importance when the employees are working directly with your family. PeopleCheck offers all of our services discretely through our website and billing can be performed automatically with all major credit cards or by check. These personal background checks can be important for a variety of situations, from a nurse helping to take care of an elderly relative to a live-in maid. 

Employment screening is one of the most important steps you can make for protecting your business. Personal background checks can be just as important, if not more, for protecting your family.